Diva Life Chocolate ~ a luxury taste from Belgium

Diva Life chocolate offers no less than 120 authentic flavors of chocolates from Belgium, either with a creamy or hard filling, and with the most subtle of flavors. In this spirit, placing a Diva Life creation into your mouth is an experience that often borders on the Absolute. Diva Life Chocolatier offers not only a fine taste but also the sense of relaxation, extravagance and indulgence. The secret behind the quality of Diva Life chocolates lies in the strict selection of ingredients - which are sourced from the most famous regions – Sao Tome and East Africa, where its cocoa beans are ranked as top 5% worldwide.

Since 2007, Diva Life has been importing Belgium handmade chocolates to all over Asia and its manufacturing factory in Wallonia has also obtained CO2 free, Carbon Neutral certificate which protect the environment when making delicious chocolates! Diva Life Chocolatier is also the first one in Taiwan to obtained ISO 9001 Service Awards in Chocolate retail industry.

Diva Life is founded by Yvonne LO, a Chocolate Queen as media said, she is truly the master of chocolates blending, a designer that put chocolates in fashion business. With more than 35 innovative flavors in Neapolitans, Yvonne surely knows how to combine best Belgium dark chocolates with an Asian twist.

The company now owns Diva Life Chocolatier, Choco Day Candy, Diva bespoke brand and Choco Pizza, plus a beauty business in Shanghai since 2005. (www.mydivalife.com)

For the group’s more information, please contact info@divalife-chocolatier.com

For export and sales inquires, please contact WAYNE PEI at wayne.pei@divalife-chocolatier.com