Customized Gift

Wedding Gift

A personalized gift does go the extra mile, tastefully communicating your commitment, appreciation and sentiment. So why not add a ribbon or card printed with your personal message, company name, logo or event to one of our selection of corporate gifts. In addition to your custom ribbon, a note bearing your personal message can accompany your gifts. Simply forward us your own business cards or greeting cards and we will gladly enclose it for you.
A custom printed ribbon or card can be made to order. Available in a wide selection of vibrant colors and three different widths (10mm, 15 mm and 25 mm) they will not leave you short of imagination. Please note a minimum order of 100 units is required and kindly allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Ribbon colors:

To complement your gifts all year round, we can offer you the following selection of ribbons bearing a standard special message. Available in a 15 mm wide ribbon in three basic colors, Red, Blue or Cream.

Thank you
Good Luck
Happy New Year

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